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    Liquid Waste - Septic Systems

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    Inspections & Permits
    Septic system designs for single family homes, small businesses, and apartment buildings (systems less than 3,500 gallons per day) are reviewed for compliance with regulations, permitted, and inspected after installation. Fees vary based on the size and type of system. The Department of Health and the Department of Ecology enforce regulations for larger sewage systems.

    New on-site sewage systems and systems located over the Spokane/Rathdrum Aquifer are tracked and issued a renewable three-year permit by the Health District. On-site sewage system inspection and maintenance is required, prior to permit renewal.

    Proper maintenance of septic systems is important to avoid system failure. A fact sheet developed by WSU Cooperative Extension, Properly Managing Your Septic Tank System (PDF) is available.

    • Septic System Installers
      Installers are permitted annually by the Health District. The permit process includes an application, payment of applicable fees and other requirements specific to the property.
      Current Installers List (PDF)
    • Septic System Designers
      Designers of on-site sewage systems must have an On-site Wastewater Treatment System Designers license from the Department of Licensing to operate in Washington State.
      Current Designers List (PDF)

      Designers must notify the Spokane Regional Health District prior to final inspection. 
      Final Inspection form: email to liquidwaste@srhd.org or fax to (509) 324-3603
    • Septic System Pumpers
      Sewage system pumpers are permitted annually by the Health District. The permit process includes an application, payment of applicable fees and other regulatory requirements. 
      Current Residential
      Sewage System Pumpers List (PDF)

    Septic System Locations
    The Liquid Waste program provides as-built drawings showing the location of the septic tank and drain field or other on-site sewage disposal system for a specific address or tax parcel number. To request an as-built drawing, call the automated request line at (509) 324-1546.


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    January 16, 2017