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    Board of Health
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    HIV/AIDS & STD Program

    HIV/AIDS Program (509) 324-1542

    • Health Care Providers - Reporting Information
    • Outreach Center / Needle Exchange Program
    • HIV Testing & Counseling
    • Confidential and anonymous HIV testing is provided using the Rapid Oral HIV testing method, with results for most people available in 20 minutes. Counseling is always provided prior to and after the test results are given. If test results are negative, clients are educated about ways to reduce the risk of contracting HIV. If the test results are positive, clients are referred to case management and partner notification services. For information on test fees and low or no-cost testing, please call (509) 324-1542.
    • Education
      Brochures and materials about HIV/AIDS are available to schools, drug and alcohol treatment centers, professional audiences, and others interested in the facts about the disease, treatment, and available resources.
    • Partner Notification
      People diagnosed with HIV are counseled on the necessity to notify their sex and needle sharing partners that they may have been exposed to HIV, and that they will need to be tested. We provide confidential and discreet assistance with partner notification.
    • Case Management
      Case managers provide services to individuals infected with HIV/AIDS, regardless of income. Clients are assisted with referrals to health care specialists, support groups, and help finding medical insurance and housing.

      Counseling for individuals and groups of chemically-dependent adults with HIV/AIDS is provided by New Horizons Treatment Center within the HIV/AIDS Program office. For more information call 323-2842.


    Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention
    We work to prevent the spread of common STDs. We provide sexual health education for people who have been recently diagnosed with an STD and assistance with notifying sex partners of their potential exposure.

    We also offer assistance to health care providers which includes disease reporting requirements. We also work with a coalition of medical providers to continually seek improvements to STD-related care within Spokane County.




    Find fact sheets, current research, resources and more:

    Washington State HIV/AIDS Hotline:

    HIV/AIDS Speakers' Bureau
    (509) 455-8495

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    January 16, 2017