Disease Prevention Programs

Data Center
SRHD's Data Center collects, analyzes and uses health-related data to inform the community about current, local health issues. We develop and conduct surveys and provide data and technical assistance to partners for grants or community work, evaluate programs, and publish reports and fact sheets. Call 323-2853 for more information.

Communicable Disease Epidemiology
Epidemiologists monitor, track and respond to infectious disease in the community, working quickly to control outbreaks and prevent further spread of the disease. Health care providers and laboratories must report 60 notifiable conditions. These reports are investigated and tracked to identify outbreaks or trends that require action or community education. Information is provided to patients, health care providers and the public. Call 324-1442 for more information.


Immunization Outreach
We work with health care providers to promote our state’s immunization registry and with schools and other community partners to identify and overcome barriers to immunizations.



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention A-Z Topics
Information Hotline: 1-888-246-2675

Washington State Department of Health A-Z Topics
Information Hotline: 1-800-556-8744 (recorded)

World Health Organization A-Z Topics