Clinic Services

Spokane Regional Health District’s Public Health Clinic is no longer in operation. Immunizations and tuberculosis testing are not available here. See below for other places to find these services.

Immunizations and travel vaccines

Who do I ask about the immunization schedule and vaccine that my family needs?
Please talk to your health care provider. General immunization schedules showing vaccines needed for school can be found on the health district's Protect Yours page:
How do I get a copy of my immunization or other medical records?

In order to obtain your immunization or tuberculosis treatment record you must complete a Release of Information form. The form can also be picked up at Spokane Regional Health District’s information desk on the first floor. You can fax, mail, or deliver the form to the health district.  For questions regarding the Release of Information form, call 509-324-1439.

We can only provide copies of immunizations that were administered by the SRHD Clinic.  If you need immunization records that were provided somewhere else, they may be available through the Washington Immunization Information System (IIS). Visit the IIS Website for more information.

Where do I go for travel shots?
Information about recommended vaccinations and health advisories for the country you will be visiting can be  found at Most travel vaccines are available at local pharmacies for adults and children over seven years of age. Call your local pharmacy or health care provider's office for more details. 

For adults and children (any age), who need less common travel shots, including yellow fever vaccine, call these healthcare providers/pharmacies:

Who can I contract with to provide immunizations for my employees?

Some pharmacies are options for employers, as well as these businesses:


Health care providers can find information about the health district’s Tuberculosis Control program and other communicable diseases on SRHD’s  “For Health Care Providers” web pages.
Where can I get a tuberculosis skin test?

Where can I get a tuberculosis blood test, like Quantiferon Gold?

Community Clinics and Other Assistance

Where do I go if I don’t have a health care provider?
Washington Connections is a statewide database to assist individuals and families find a variety of services based on income.
Who provides health care or dental services for uninsured or underinsured?
Here is a list of community clinics in the Spokane area.

Other Community Resources



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