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BCCHP - Provider Information


We Want Your Feedback!

There have been significant changes this year with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As a contracted provider for the Breast, Cervical and Colon Health Program (BCCHP) your continued partnership is critical to serving those patients who need our program for cancer screening and access to cancer treatment.  We would like your honest feedback on how we can improve our program both for you and the patients you serve. We plan to use this information to help guide the program and make any necessary changes that can improve the process for all of us.

All staff who have a connection to BCCHP patients, please take this survey: Online version  |  PDF version

Survey Deadline: Friday, September 12th
Thank you for your time and input!


The New Fiscal Year for BCCHP started July 1, 2014!
Here’s what you can expect:

  • BCCHP is still available for those who are uninsured or under-insured.

This may include:

-Those who are not eligible for Apple Health or
-Those who have insurance, but need to pay out-of-pocket for services BCCHP can cover.

Patients can be connected at any point along the screening and diagnostic process.
Continue to utilize BCCHP for these patients’ cancer screening needs!

  • We want to hear from you! We plan to send out a survey this summer to gather your feedback on working with our program.  Please share your challenges and ideas so we can continue to improve our services.
  • Annual Trainings: October trainings will be held for any staff that work with BCCHP. The trainings provide program overview, updates and detailed process information. This year we plan to hold them in three locations. Watch for registration information.

Training Resources

Community Health Worker Training

CHW is a title used to encompass a variety of roles for individuals within medical settings and in the community. Primarily, these individuals are trusted members of the community who have a unique understanding of the people they work with and can help them overcome barriers to important aspects of health, such as understanding and accessing information and medical care.   

CHWs are trained through a FREE eight-week course that combines in-person and online instruction to provide the basic skills needed by all CHWs. Once completed, graduates then have FREE access to additional health-specific, web-based trainings that can be tailored to their needs and specific work. 
The next training starts September 30, 2014. For more information and to register for one of the quarterly trainings held in eastern Washington, click here or call (509) 324-1520.

Breast, Cervical & Colon Health Program (BCCHP) Training

Video 1: Spokane Regional Health District 2013 Annual Provider Training webinar

This link features the entire webinar, broken into the five sections below. The red arrow indicates how the viewer can select the section they wish to view. Please note the change for clients diagnosed with cancer (see above).

01: Program Overview

02: Changes with Affordable Care Act
Please note changes above.

03: Program Enrollment

04: Clinical Application and Process

05: Billings and Payments

Video 2: Washington State Department of Health BCCHP Provider Orientation Modules    www.doh.wa.gov/bcchpprovider

Program Information

  • Program Services
    • Medical – Services that screen for and diagnose breast, cervical and colon cancers. This includes initial screening services, and diagnostics if needed.
    • Assistance for barriers – Interpreters and transportation
    • Access to treatment – Clients diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer are transitioned onto Washington Apple Health for treatment coverage. Clients diagnosed with colon cancer are assisted with referrals for treatment assistance.

o   Fee Schedule (2014-2015) (docx)




(509) 324-1553 or
(888) 461-8876

(509) 324-1599
(non-HIPPA protected information only)
Spokane Regional Health District
1101 W College Ave, Suite 200
Spokane WA  99201


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September 18, 2014