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Health Officer Search Begins

Spokane Regional Health District Begins Recruitment for Health Officer

For more information and to apply, visit http://srhd.org/health-officer.asp

Or contact Spokane Regional Health District, Human Resource Services (509) 324-1558

Spokane, Wash., - Feb. 6, 2017 - Spokane Regional Health District announces its search for the agency's next health officer. The health officer serves as the chief medical officer for the health district with responsibility for the control and prevention of disease. The hire will occupy a highly visible positon within the community requiring outstanding communications, organizational and planning skills, and the ability to build cooperative working relationships with a complex mix of government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, advocacy groups, private industry, and individuals. The health officer is expected to work closely and communicate regularly with the medical community.  

Key Responsibilities Include

  • Provides medical/clinical oversight in the investigation of reported or suspected cases or perceived clusters of diseases or conditions considered a threat to public health. This includes the diagnoses and treatment for active and latent tuberculosis.
  • Develops and issues time-sensitive health officer orders and enforces public health statutes, rules and regulations of the Washington State Board of Health and Washington State Department of Health and local health rules, regulations and ordinances.
  • Provides guidance on infectious diseases with community physicians and medical providers, infection control practitioners, agency staff and other providers for the purpose of enhancing surveillance of communicable disease.
  • Provides medical oversight and direction for all outbreaks, natural and environmental disasters, and public health emergencies.
  • Provides environmental and occupational safety and health oversight which includes providing medical clearance for the agency respiratory protection program and recommending appropriate protective equipment for occupational exposures.
  • Serves as the local registrar for registering birth births and deaths in Spokane County.
  • Provides oversight and certification for competent professional authorities who perform low risk anemia assessments on WIC clients.
  • Actively participates in promoting healthy behaviors and assists in developing connectivity and collaboration between health care system and the public health system.
  • Attends BOH and executive committee meetings and communicates regularly on all significant public health medical issues occurring in or potentially impacting the SRHD jurisdiction.  Recommends policy decisions where appropriate to protect and promote public health.
  • Executes action to control and prevent the spread of any dangerous, contagious or infection diseases that may occur within SRHD’s jurisdiction.
  • Participates in medical community, health professionals, citizen groups, and state/federal committees/groups.

For more information about the position, including how to apply, as well as information about living in Spokane, Washington, go here: http://srhd.org/health-officer.asp


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August 19, 2017