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    Low-Cost Whooping Cough Vaccine Locations

    Several Clinics and Pharmacies Now Offering Low-Cost Whooping Cough Vaccine for Uninsured in Spokane County

    Where can I get vaccinated?

    • For residents whose insurance covers Tdap shots, vaccinations are available at locations throughout Spokane County including health care provider offices, local pharmacies and the SRHD Public Health Clinic (509) 324-1600. Click here to see a list of locations offering Tdap that also bill insurance.
    • For members of the public who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover the shot, SRHD’s Public Health Clinic, (509) 324-1600, offers low-cost state-donated vaccine for adults 19 and over. The associated $15.60 fee will be waived if the patient is unable to pay. Click here to see a list of locations also offering low-cost, state-donated vaccine for adults.


    Previous Coverage:

    SPOKANE, Wash. – June 13, 2012 – People without health insurance or who can't afford to pay for whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine are now able to get it for low-cost at several local clinics and pharmacies. Whooping cough continues at high levels in Spokane County and vaccine is the best protection against the disease.

    Two local CHAS clinics, Denny Murphy and Valley, as well as Native Health and Spokane Regional Health District’s Public Health Clinic, now offer low-cost adult whooping cough shots (known as Tdap vaccine). Residents do not have to be clients to receive a shot at these locations. Several pharmacies throughout Spokane are also offering the low-cost vaccine. A full list of locations is available at srhd.org/whoopingcough. These providers and pharmacies may charge a fee up to $15.60 to give the vaccine, but financial assistance is available for those who cannot pay.
    For residents whose insurance covers Tdap shots, vaccinations are available at locations throughout Spokane County including health care provider offices and local pharmacies. Click here to see a list of locations offering Tdap that also bill insurance.
    Pertussis levels became epidemic statewide in early April. Through June 9, 2,325 cases of whooping cough were reported in the state, compared to 965 cases reported for all of 2011. In Spokane, there are 66 cases including those that are confirmed, as well as those under investigation, compared to just five cases during the same period last year. With the ongoing epidemic, the risk of getting infected will remain for several more months.
    Vaccine protects against whooping cough, and prevents the disease from spreading to infants, pregnant women, and others. People of all ages can get whooping cough, but infants are at greatest risk of severe illness, hospitalization and death. Pregnant women with whooping cough near the time of delivery may spread it to their newborns.
    Pertussis begins like a cold (sore throat, runny nose, low-grade fever and mild cough). Within two weeks it can make a person cough so hard that they vomit or have a “whoop” when trying to catch their breath after coughing. Any adult or child who has a cough illness lasting more than two weeks, or whose cough is getting worse after a week, should see their health care provider for evaluation. Antibiotics can ease symptoms and help reduce the patient’s ability to spread the disease to others.
    Talk to your health care provider to make sure all children, teens and adults in your household are up-to-date with whooping cough vaccine, especially if they are in contact with infants or pregnant women.
    Again, for more information about whooping cough (pertussis) and where to get vaccine, visit srhd.org/whoopingcough. More information can also be found at www.srhd.org. SRHD’s website offers comprehensive, updated information about Spokane Regional Health District and its triumphs in making Spokane a safer and healthier community. Become a fan of SRHD on Facebook to receive local safety and wellness tips. You can also follow us on Twitter @spokanehealth.

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    January 16, 2017