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Public Health Data

The SRHD Data Center and Communicable Disease Epidemiology programs publish reports and fact sheets about community health issues, and track communicable diseases and many other health statistics for Spokane County.

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Data Center Program Flyer - Assessment and Evaluation for an Improved Community (pdf)

All reports are in PDF form (Get Free Acrobat Reader)

Spokane County - General Statistics
Odds Against Tomorrow: Health Inequities in Spokane County 2012
Missing the Foundation: Understanding Homelessness in Spokane County 2015
Spokane Counts 2015
Spokane Counts Executive Summary 201520132011200920072005
Spokane County Demographics 2013201120082007
Leading Causes of Death 2014  2013 20122011201020092008200720062005
Gun Violence in Spokane County  2013
Linking Transportation Planning and Health Outcomes 2014
Paid Sick Leave in Spokane 2015
Violence Against Children 2015 

Demographics & Social Characteristics 2015

Communicable Disease Statistics
Monthly Communicable Disease Statistics  20162015 • 201420132012

Communicable Disease Report for 2006-2010
Communicable Disease Report for 2007-2011
Communicable Disease Report for 2008-2012
Communicable Disease Report for 2009-2013
Communicable Disease Report for 2010-2014

Children & Adolescents
Childhood Immunization Follow-Back Survey 20071999
Child Death Review Report 2000-20011996–1998
Excelerate Success 2014 NEW
Healthy Families, Active Kids 20062004
Healthy Youth Community 20072004
Healthy Youth Behaviors 200820072004
Immunization Fact Sheet for Parents 2007
Learning Distractions 2011200920072002
Maternal and Infant Health Report 2013 •  2008
Sex in the County (Spokane's youth) 2010
Start Healthy. Start Now. Project Evaluation Report 2015 NEW
Teen and Young Adult Pregnancy Outcomes 2015 NEW 2014  • 20132011
Youth Development Indicator Data Set  2008

Specific Populations
Access and Functional Needs in Spokane County 20132015 NEW
Aging with Care 2007
Disability in Spokane County 2008200620042002
GLBTIQ Survey 2006
Seniors and Fall-Related Injuries 20132012 
Falls in Washington's East Region 2017 NEW
Trucker Health Report 2007

Specific Diseases or Conditions
Asthma in Spokane County 20062002
Diabetes in Spokane County 2008
HIV in Spokane County 2012 
Influenza & Pneumonia 2008
Multiple Sclerosis 20072006
Opioid Overdose and Misuse Report 2015 NEW
Opioid Prescribing: Spokane County Dentists 2012
Oral Health in Spokane County 2010
Oral Health Fact Sheet - 10 Things You Need to Know 2010
Suicide in Spokane County 20112008
Suicide in Washington's East Region 2017 NEW

Health Care System & Insurance
Recovering Smiles 2015 NEW
Adult Uninsured in Spokane County 2007
Health Care Access Indicators 20092007
Outpatient Mental Health Services 2006
Uninsured in Spokane County 200920072005

Health Impact Assessments
Division Street Gateway 2012
Spokane University District - Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge 2012





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August 21, 2017